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New Training Courses for 2017

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Education Programme 2017

Course Application Form 2.3.2016






The two files above are the new education programme for 2017 and an application form for your use. Please note that this programme covers the whole of 2017 – January – December, and is set out on a month-by-month basis as this may assist when people are looking for courses throughout the year. For your information there are two calendars in the programme, one is laid out on a month-by-month basis, the other by course title and the programme is colour coded.  All new reps are required to attend training as below :

 The Introductory Safety Reps training which will cover with the legal framework, both domestic and European of health and safety in the workplace. It covers the employers legal responsibilities and where you and the union fit into this very important process.  The course also explores how we can organise around workplace health and safety issues.

 Introductory Organising Steward training covers such things as getting organised in the workplace, the role of the steward, understanding how grievances and disciplinaries work and how the union works.  Once this is completed, you can progress onto others courses and feel more confident in dealing with issues in the workplace.  This course leads to ERA certification which to say that you have received the union training you need to accompany a member to a grievance or disciplinary hearing.  This would be useful in the unlikely event o a manager challenging you.

 FOR THE ATTENTION OF NEW WORKPLCE STEWARD – In recent years an annual seminar has taken place to provide additional support and training for recently elected stewards and workplace reps in London.  The session is part of a programme that the region is running for new stewards to support and equip them to carry out their role, demystify some of the processes around common workplace issues and provide guidance on what to do or where to go for support.  This year’s event will take place on Wednesday 5 July.

 Details and an invitation to attend have been sent directly to newly elected stewards and workplace reps by the Unison Region Office.  Please do not delay and contact the branch via email to register your name for placement to this seminar.  Also recently you have been sent training details which you will be required to attend as it can enable you to carry out union duties proficiently.