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GM latest offer for Unison Members
(ends 1st July 2014)

Should you wish to see the full range of discounts available they simply visit the partners programme website – - and then type in the password: unison

Unison members should register as Associated Partners at

Please contact the designated Partners helpline on (0844) 875 2448 with any questions


GM / UNSION Partners Programme Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have heard that as a UNISON member I am entitled to discounts on GM vehicles but which vehicles does it apply to?
A: All of the GM UK Brands offer discounts to our selected Associate Partners including Vauxhall, Saab & Chevrolet.

Q: Can anyone else benefit from my discount?
A: Yes. The Associate Partners programme is designed to benefit both you and your immediate family, Parents & Step-Parents, Children & Step Children, Brothers &Sisters and Step Brothers & Step Sisters are all eligible.

Q: Do I have to pay for and register my family members vehicles in my name?
A: No. Your family members can have the vehicle registered into their name. You only need to complete a nomination form to enable them to receive your benefits.

Q: How many vehicles can I buy a year?
A: You are entitled to purchase up to six Vauxhall, six Saab and six Chevrolet vehicles per family in any 12 month period, with no more than 2 registered in the same name.

Q: How do I register to find out what the latest offers are?
A: Simple, either speak to your local dealer or visit and click onto the register tab at the top of the page. Simply complete your details and GM will send you the latest offers on a quarterly basis either via traditional post or via email, whichever your preference.

Q: Can I take a test drive?
A: Yes, test drives can be organised by speaking to your local dealer. They will have a full range of demonstrator vehicles for you to try.

Q: Are there any other discounts I can get?
A: Yes certainly. The offer not only applies to the price of the vehicle but also to any factory fitted options that you request.

Q: Can I take out finance on the vehicle that I purchase?
A: Yes you can. We offer our Associate Partners a range of finance alternatives to suit your needs. Your local retailer will be able to take you full the complete range of packages and help you to select the best option for you.

Q: What happens to my entitlement if I leave the company / organisation?
A: If you leave the company / organisation your eligibility ends. However, if you have a pension scheme administered by the company / organisation that you leave you and your immediate family continue to be eligible. Proof of pension will be required by your chosen retailer.

Q: What is the best place to find out about the vehicles?
A: Either visit your local dealer or visit This site contains the current offers available across all of the GM UK ranges. Uphill Motor Company will have a range of demonstrator vehicles for you to try for yourself.

Q: I have other questions that this guide does not answer. Who do I ask?
A: You can either speak to your local dealer or call our designated Partners helpline on (0844) 875 2448

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