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UNISON reps met with Management representatives on the 7th of June to discuss issues currently concerning members and colleagues, outstanding unresolved problems from the shop floor, and what to expect in the future.
Acting on the basis of concerns shared with us by you, we asked to discuss the following issues: budget cuts and the future of jobs and services, staffing levels and annual leave, stress, sickness and injury at work, and the ongoing situation regarding the Paul Robeson Theatre and the refurbishment of Hounslow Library.
Management brought the issues of Union recognition and Health and Safety to the table.


Management have assured UNISON that staff will be fully consulted over any changes.  We are told that so far no information is available to share. UNISON reps stressed the importance of keeping staff informed, and consulting staff in a meaningful way about potential changes.
At the moment, we are waiting for London Borough of Hounslow to make decisions about the future of the service.  JLIS management have delivered proposals to LBH which could generate the savings the council needs without costing jobs or Library closures.  We are now waiting for a response from the Council. Management assured your reps that as soon as more information becomes available staff will be informed.



The details of the Hounslow refurbishment and the future of the PRT are also awaiting decisions by LBH.  There will be council meetings in June and September at which decisions are likely to be made and we look forward to being kept informed.  UNISON stated that we believe frontline staff should be involved at a formative stage with decisions about changes as it is very often the frontline staff who can spot potential problems with changes before they are implemented.  We have been assured that the Hounslow staff will be consulted, and look forward to this taking place.

STOP PRESS:  The proposed changes to Hounslow Library and the Paul Robeson Theatre are described in the agenda for the Council Cabinet meeting on the 21st of June.  They can be view on the Council Website:


UNISON reps are aware that the current staffing levels may be causing stress to individuals, difficulty in doing our jobs and could contribute to sickness at work.  We have also been contacted by a number of colleagues who are having difficulty booking their annual leave.  Current and future vacancies in crucial roles is likely to exacerbate this.  The response from management to these concerns suggests that they are not being kept informed about issues on the front line.  UNISON urges colleagues and members who are experiencing difficulties to speak to their Line Manager or if you would prefer to your UNISON reps (contact details below).  If the problems we have been hearing about are occurring, it is essential that management are made aware so that something can be done.  You have a right to be able to do your job without being exposed to stress or ill health.
In the event that you do experience stress at work, help can be obtained from the counseling service provided by the employer, Confidential Care – 0800 085 1376 or from UNISON welfare – 020 7551 1620, who can provide advice for members and their families.  However, these issues should be addressed before they become problems and we urge members to make this possible by speaking out if are affected.


There has been some discussion over the recognition agreement between JLIS and UNISON.  Currently we are re-negotiating the original agreement.  In the interim, remember that UNISON members have a legal right to representation in the case of disputes with the employer, and are also entitled to a number of welfare benefits provided by UNISON.  We urge non-members to join now – UNISON is YOUR independent voice at work and we remain committed to taking your concerns to management and doing our best to protect your rights and interests at work.
UNISON is at the forefront of the national “Love your Libraries” campaign to protect Library services.  UNISON is also strongly involved in the campaign to protect Public Service pensions.  For updates on both these campaigns, which directly affect us, visit the UNISON national site at 


David Forman, Facilities Manager, reported on Health and Safety at work.  David will be organizing a Health and Safety awareness week starting on the 27th of June.  He will be holding drop in sessions at Hounslow on the 27th, and visiting all the sites through the week, to provide information and training in all aspects of Health and Safety at work.  Watch out for more details.  In the meantime, remember to keep reporting any incidents or near misses.  If you have difficulty with this or need advice, please contact David, or your line manager, or any of your UNISON reps for more information.


JLIS are holding a Summer Barbeque for ALL STAFF! This Hawaiian themed event will take place in the Orangery at Gunnersbury Park, on Wednesday July the 6th, from 6 until 10pm.  If you would like to attend, please let Leo Garvey-Windrich know by this Friday, the 17th of June.  This will be an excellent opportunity to relax, meet up with colleagues and have some fun.  We look forward to seeing you there!


This is YOUR newsletter.  If you would like to contribute, or if there is anything you would like to see here, just let one of your reps know.



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